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About Santaland.com

Santaland.com is a privately owned domain that provides Christmas related family content at the click of a button. The site provides Internet users with year-around access to a wide variety of Christmas related interests including holiday recipes, crafts, music, books, electronic greeting cards, children activities and more.  We are not associated with any of the santaland tourist sites, plays, department stores or malls, parades, or other holidays festivities in the USA, .

The company's cornerstone Internet site, Santaland.com, was originally started in November, 1991 as an internal Pre-Gopher site for a national online service and went on the internet as an early Gopher in December of 1991 as an experimental project to test the public interest in the Internet. The rest was history, for both the Internet and Santaland. In 1994, Santaland.com was established as an Internet web site. We believe the site is the oldest and one of the most heavily visited Internet sites of its type currently on the World Wide Web.  With a minimum amount of publicity, we depend on word-of-mouth and as such we have had a loyal following for many years.

Santaland.com has received numerous awards and credits for being one of the top Christmas sites on the Internet. We do not seek out awards or credits. We began accepting in 1999 due to the high costs associated with hosting a popular web site with internet hosting companies. Worldwide media inquiries have been coming to Santaland since it's inception. We welcome these inquiries.

The design of Santaland.com is intended to evoke a feeling and sentiment of an old fashioned Christmas. Our aim is to make the site family friendly for end users of all ages. 

Contacting Us.
Optics2001 (AT) optics2001 dot com

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