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Fun Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa Ideas This Holiday Season

    It coming up to that time again – the names are going in the hat and the only challenge is to not pick out your own! Whether you work in an office, go to university, are a member of a club or simply have a Secret Santa gift tradition with a group of friends, many of us are wracking our brains each year to come up with some fun and original ideas for our Secret Santa recipient to enjoy.

    Lots of groups have a cost limit – for instance £5, £10 or £20 – to keep the Secret Santa ceremony light and fun, so picking gifts can be even more of a challenge within these budgetary constraints. It’s always easier if you know the person that you are buying for well, as you can pick up a book by their favourite author or a sweet treat that you know they’ll enjoy, but often we are buying for someone we don’t know that well and we need to make choices about appropriateness – getting the boss a fun bag of cheeky chocolate body parts might not raise the smile you had hoped for on a grey morning in the office on the last day before the holidays begin!

    Many websites offer fun and interesting bits of gadgetry and unusual objects that can bring a smile and offer the recipient a surprise and a giggle. It’s worth taking the time to have a look online and check out some of the more unusual Christmassy pieces which often come in at low cost to suit Secret Santa budgets. From mini Lightsabres for the sci-fi fan to cosy Christmas ‘slankets’ (that’s a blanket with sleeves for anyone not in the know), there is something for literally everyone available somewhere on the web!

    Perhaps your group or workplace has chosen a particular theme for your Secret Santa gifts, or has a running joke between the members that has been bubbling along all year and that you can now expound upon. Remember when Sue got stuck in the walk-in fridge for ten minutes and came out a bit blue? A mini arctic survival kit might go down well. Or for the people who are always late, a ranting speaking clock?

    Some people will be simply looking for the cheekiest Secret Santa gift ideas that they can find, and in that no-holds-barred scenario there are many screamingly funny and rude bits and bobs on offer this holiday season; and as you as the giver will be anonymous, only the receiver will not be spared blushes! Groups all around the country can tell stories about that one buyer who just had to go that little bit too far, and often these are the most fondly retold stanecdotes; after all, Christmas should be about everyone getting a chance to relax, spend time with friends and family and have a bit of a laugh. Unless you’re a Christian in which case it should be about celebrating the birth of Christ (and getting a chance to relax, spend time with friends and family and have a bit of a laugh!)

    Whatever Secret Santa gift ideas inspire you, and whether you are going for cheeky, heartfelt, useful or appropriate in your gift choices (or the one epic find that would be a combination of all those advantages) remember that giving yourself time to order online will save you any mad last minute dashes round the shops and give you a bit more time to spend with the family when work finally ends for Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

Countdown to Christmas